Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Barack and Michele Obama. But I cannot get over the fact that we let Barack do a two-peat as President and didn't apply more pressure on him as it stands for our community. We as a culture made songs, clothing, and a host of other braggadocious acts but let the representation have more weight than his actual position.

After four years of terror and an uproar in social injustice during the Trump Administration it saddens me to see that yet again we let representation prevail. …

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While your twenties are a whole lot of fun, they sure are a hard time where you’re trying to find your rhyme or reason for your life. I’m halfway through my twenties and lost as hell. From feeling like I’m ruining my life with every choice I make, being conflicted with the concept of enjoy your twenties and planning for your future — to aimlessly dating boys when all I really want is a man.

In the midst of my own personal struggle about a couple of years ago, I had to Uber to make ends meet. At first, I…

Six Hawkins

A Divine Creator, Visionary, and Lightworker who is an innovative and expressive storyteller.

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